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WDSRA Foundation Trustee Lee Fennell is running in the Lake Tahoe Marathon Oct. 11-13 and has chosen to raise awareness and funds for WDSRA at the same time! This is Lee’s 8th marathon.

‘I’ve run for a charity in nearly every marathon and I was happy to support that organization. It was an easy decision for me to support WDSRA by raising funds through my running.  First, I’ve been running for the last 10 years to do what I can to stay in relatively good shape and I like that there is a natural connection to WDSRA.  Second, I want to do my part to raise awareness and see WDSRA expand its reach to help the many special needs people in our community.  Finally, your support will not only support the tremendous impact that WDSRA has, but it will also help keep me motivated as head into the toughest part of my training.”

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Thank YOU for supporting WDSRA participants and families!

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