Return to Program Guide Update

Updated 9.8.2020

Symptoms and Health Screening Form

We have updated the guide to reflect the new symptoms that came out over the summer and have included the new health screening form.

  • What We are Doing to Keep You Safe
  • Program Protocols
  • What You Can Expect at Programs
  • Participant Eligibility

WDSRA Return to Program Family Guide-updated 9.8.2020

Graduated Return to In-Person Programs!

Updated 6.25.2020

Everything you need to know BEFORE returning to in-person programs!

We will begin offering a limited number of weekly programs. In addition, we will be opening our 1:6 ratio Rec & Roll programs. As of right now, we anticipate having these programs open as soon as mid-to-late July. We will still continue to offer a full range of virtual programs.

Because the safety of participants and staff is our number one responsibility:

  • All in-person programs will have enhanced essential eligibility requirements in order to comply with state and federal COVID-19 regulations.
  • Along with being mandated requirements, these measures are necessary to keep all participants and staff members safe.
  • We understand these measures may be difficult for some of our participants.
  • We understand that our initial in-person offerings will only serve a percentage of all who want to return to programs.
  • We currently have limited facility space available to us in which to hold programs. We fully intend to expand offerings as facility space becomes more readily available.
  • We intend to ease restrictions as governmental regulations change based on state progress through the Governor’s plan.


Safely Returning to Programs

We have outlined all the safety measures we are taking to keep participants and staff safe at programs.

  • What We are Doing to Keep You Safe
  • Program Protocols
  • What You Can Expect at Programs
  • Participant Eligibility

WDSRA Return to Program Family Guide


Is Your Son/Daughter Eligible to Return to In-Person Programs?

To determine if in-person programs are possible for your son/daughter, the WDSRA Return to Program Family Guide outlines the Essential Eligibility Requirements. This will be the guide to knowing whether or not someone is able to participate.

WDSRA Return to Program Family Guide


Important Dates–In-Person Summer Session 1 –This will be a lottery registrationIn-Person Program Brochure--July 2020 Session 1

  • In-Person Summer Program Brochure: Click here
  • In-Person Summer Dates for July/August: Monday 7/20 thru Saturday 8/15
  • Registration Opens:  Wednesday 7/8  @ 9am
  • Registration Deadline Monday 7/13 @ 5pm
  • Lottery Spun: Monday 7/13


Inclusion Update
We are currently handling all inclusion requests. If you utilize inclusion services in park district programs, please access your park district’s website for program information.


Additional Resources

Parent Resources, Social Stories and Staying Safe Tips, can be found at

Applying Social Distancing to Your Life

Stop Germs from Spreading by Washing Your Hands

Wearing a Mask


Should you have any questions regarding in-person programs or eligibility, please call Ted Adatto at 630-681-0962.

If you have questions about registration, contact

You can always reach us at 630.681.0962 or contact any of our full time staff listed on our staff directory here.