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The Annual Appeal goes through December 31st. We need your help! 




Why Give? Hear directly from families on how your gifts have made a difference in their lives:

  • Follow the personal journey a self-proclaimed helicopter mom took to reach the peace of mind she needed to entrust her son with someone other than family members for the first time.
  • How does a single mom whose adult son needs structure every day get by? Hear Amanda and Matthew’s story.
  • Imagine finding yourself homeless. This was one mom’s struggle. Was summer camp for her daughter even possible or was her daughter going to spend her summer in the car?
  • Find these and more stories at https://www.youtube.com/user/wdsra09


We need YOU

  • To give every child the same experiences that we ourselves take for granted
  • To give families a break from the struggles of everyday life
  • To help meet the ever growing need of individuals with special needs in our communities

It is your support that is changing the lives of friends and neighbors. We thank YOU for making sure that WDSRA programs are here for every child and adult who depends on them as a fundamental part of their growth and development.

It is your support that gives a mother the confidence to turn over the care of her child to WDSRA. It is your support that provides respite for the family whose daily struggles can take its toll. Through it all, the entire family reaps benefits well beyond those of a recreational program.

All of this is possible because of YOU and the kindness you share with WDSRA.

Will you share your kindness once again by making a donation today?

Your gift is extremely important because it provides resources that will impact programming, supplies, scholarships, and the ever-important close participant-to-staff ratio that is critical to providing the best programming possible to individuals with special needs.

We need your help! We need YOU to change lives!




THANK YOU for your Giving Tuesday gifts!

With 130 individuals donating more than $16,000 online we earned almost the full $10,000 match offered by The Coleman Foundation. That means over $26,000 was raised during a single day of giving… all because of YOU!